The only AI
you'll ever need

An autonomous sniper that scrapes the blockchain in real-time and picks the best launches to invest in. Trading profits are automatically shared among investors.


Why bother when AIMBOT
can handle the heavy lifting?

AIMBOT is built differently. We believe in a future where the guess work is replaced by real-time efficiency. AIMBOT scans every single block on the blockchain in real-time and feeds its CTB Gauge(Conscious Trading Brain) with information about every new token appearing for the first time. From there, it makes trading decisions based on the CTB.

Conscious Layer

Mindful of the lessons it learned from the past, AIMBOT remembers good and bad trading decisions and acts based on it. It can recognise patterns and store them in the Conscious Layer for future decisions. It's a memory system.

Brain Layer

Making decisions like a good trader requires a good brain. AIMBOT understands the trading fundamentals and can process any amount of data within seconds. The Brain Layer is altered in real-time to acknowledge market conditions, gas price, buy pressure, etc..

Trading Layer

Once a decision is made by the brain layer, based on conscious layer informations, AIMBOT automatically trades. It will buy and sell based on a defined strategy, then share the profit among AIMBOT holders.


One sniper to rule them all

Instead of pushing investors to trade themselves, AIMBOT will handle all the work and share the profit among all investors. There is zero action needed, except holding AIMBOT tokens to keep getting profit.

AIMBOT is awake at all time. 24/7.

It will only trade when conditions are met.

It always tries to identify rugs and honey-pots based on patterns.

It focuses exclusively on new tokens.

It will always attempt to buy in first two blocks for any newly launched token (up to the fourth block if some conditions are met).

It uses a secret algorithm including more than 20 distinct variables before making a decision.

Roadmap & Features List

We want to grow the project and push AIMBOT to its full potential. In order to do so, we crafted a tentative roadmap with additional developments.

Alpha Phase

Token Launch

AIMBOT live (70% capacity* target)

Profit sharing - reward tracker

Profit wallets Dashboard

AIMBOT sell strategy

AIMBOT multi-wallet system

Weekly profit reports

*Capacity represents the percentage of time where AIMBOT is actively trading.

Beta Phase

Profit claim dashboard

Profit tracking dashboard

AIMBOT 90% capacity target

Profit sharing - new reward. tracker rules

AIMBOT conscious layer upgrade


Omega Phase

AIMBOT 100% capacity target

AIMBOT Swing trade protocol

AIMBOT multi-strategy system

New Utility*

More to be decided

*Based on AIMBOT performance and community response, we'll craft a new utility and/or way to earn profit shares.

How Does AimBot work?

AimBot holds tokens in [wallet 1], [wallet 2], [wallet 3] and [wallet 4], it will auto-buy tokens based on different parameters.

Sells are manually handled (for now) and profit is sent to this wallet.

Profit is distributed manually to the reward contract, from where investors can claim ETH rewards.

To calculate your share of rewards, simply do:
[ETH in reward wallet] * (your token balance / total supply)

Or check it from the dashboard


AIMBOT tax will help the project grow as well as fund the initial sniper pool for trading.

1,000,000 Tokens
5% Buy/Sell Fees
Liquidity Locked
Ownership retained (AIMBOT development)
AimBot AI running 24/7
75% AimBot profit shared to investors
Profit wallets can be tracked on website
Profit is distributed every few days based on volume


Here are some answers to important questions.

Can I use the bot?

You can't use the bot. Our AI is trading in real-time and distributing ETH (generated from sells) to the reward pool. It's not possible to manually use the bot, but you will earn ETH over time if you hold AIMBOT as rewards are shared among holders.

When is the next distribution?

We do not schedule distributions. We distribute the ETH generated from AI sells, as well as ETH from tax every few days. New distributions are announced on telegram and twitter.

Where do I claim my ETH rewards?

You can claim from the website or directly from the contract.

Can I wait before claiming?

You can wait a few days / weeks before claiming your ETH rewards. They accumulate over time if you do not claim them.

Why did the team build the bot if they could run it themselves?

We want to leverage the community as well as additional funding to expand our AI scope. We have the opportunity to keep buidling the AI and experiment further with different trading strategies.